Bodrum – Gökova – Bodrum

Day-1: HOME - Bodrum, TURKEY / Transfer & Embark
Guests are met at Bodrum Airport for the one-hour transfer to Bodrum where our gulet awaits. Reception and briefing about the gullet and cruise itinerary. Depending on your preference, your gullet may remain in Bodrum Port to explore the town and stay at the port for overnight or you can cruise to a bay nearby Bodrum for the first swim.

Day-2: Orak Island – Çökertme
Cruise to Orak Island. You will have the opportunity of swimming in the crystal-blue waters of Orak Island and lunch. Then sail to Çökertme, a small and picturesque fishing town for dinner and overnight stay. You are welcome to take a short walk on the shore.

Day-3: Seven Islands – Küfre – Uzun Liman (Long Port) – English Harbor
In the early morning, cruise to Seven Islands. Experience another excellent day in the Seven Islands region which is full of many small islands and coral reef. You can enjoy a walk in the forest filled with pine trees. Küfre Bay is one of the best stops for anchoring in this region. Another good stop for anchoring is Uzun Liman. You can also cruise to English Harbor for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day-4: Cleopatra Island – Karacasöğüt
Cruise to Sedir (Cedrae / Cleaopatra) Island. This unique island with its small beach and unbelievable clear water is like an open-air museum. You can see the ancient city walls, the temple, the amphitheater and some more remaining. Cleopatra Beach has a very special kind of sand. Then continue to Karacasöğüt for dinner and overnight. This lovely village is located at 25 km away from Marmaris. Therefore, it is possible to visit Marmaris via ‘dolmus' (mini buses) if you want.

Day-5: Longoz – Tuzla
Cruise to Longoz Bay, another paradise, sheltered with huge pine forests. After lunch, you can enjoy a short walk in the forest. Afterwards the gulet will be anchoring at Tuzla Bay to enjoy a swimming break in the turquoise-blue waters.

Day-6: Kargılı – Kisebükü (Alakışla Bükü)
Cruise to Kargılı (Molla Ibrahim) Bay early in the morning. After lunch, you will be anchoring at Kisebükü where you can see the ruins.

Day-7: Pabuç Burnu – Yalıçiftlik – Bodrum
Cruise to Pabuç Burnu and enjoy lunch there. Continue to Yalıçiftlik Bay. Then your gulet will cruise back to Bodrum Port for the last day’s dinner and overnight stay.

Day-8: Disembark & Transfer / Bodrum, TURKEY - HOME
CTransfer to Bodrum Airport and fly back HOME.


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