Day-1: HOME - Bodrum, TURKEY / Transfer & Embark
Guests are met at Bodrum Airport for the one-hour transfer to Bodrum where our gulet awaits. Reception and briefing about the gullet and cruise itinerary. Depending on your preference, your gullet may remain in Bodrum Port to explore the town and stay at the port for overnight or you can cruise to a bay nearby Bodrum for the first swim.

Day-2: Palamutbükü – İnce Burun
Cruise to Palamutbükü Bay early in the morning. Anchor at İnce Burun after lunch and swimming break. You will stay in this lovely bay for dinner and overnight stay.

Day-3: Aktur – Bencik
Cruise to Aktur Bay. Amazed by Bencik Bay, which has a very narrow entrance but a unique view once you get inside. Bencik is located at the narrowest part of the peninsula that divides Hisarönü Gulf from Gökova.

Day-4: Orhaniye – Selimiye
Anchor in a bay for a swimming stop after breakfast. Enjoy lunch in Orhaniye where you will see the unique scenery of a natural tidal formation called "Kız Kumu" (Maiden's Beach), a reddish sand-path going from the shore to the inner parts of the sea which is suitable for walking along. Final destination will be Selimiye for dinner and overnight stay.

Day-5: Dirsekbükü – Bozburun
Explore Dirsekbükü and continue to Bozburun which is a small fishing town. This area used to be popular and suitable for sponge-diving, which has been replaced by gulet tourism.

Day-6: Datça – Knidos
Cruise to Datça. You may take a walk in downtown Datça. Continue to the ancient city of Knidos with a history of 3000 years, for dinner and overnight stay. Knidos was a strategically important city in the 4th century BC and one of the six cities forming the league called the Dorian Hexapolis. It was a developed city in science, art and architecture. You may take a walk on the shore to see the ruins.

Day-7: Poyraz – Meteor – Bodrum
A long cruise early in the morning to Karaada (Black Island). Breakfast and a swimming break at Poyraz Bay with its turquoise-blue waters. Then anchor at Meteor Bay for lunch. Then your gulet will cruise back to Bodrum Port for the last day’s dinner and overnight stay.

Day-8: Disembark & Transfer / Bodrum, TURKEY - HOME
Transfer to Bodrum Airport and fly back HOME.


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