Hike & Sail in Gökova

Day-1: HOME - Bodrum, TURKEY / Transfer & Embark
Guests are met at Bodrum Airport for the one-hour transfer to Bodrum where our gulet awaits. Set sail to Kisebükü.

Day 2: Kisebükü – Şeytan Deresi / Çakıllıyalı Hike
Hike for Kisebükü - Şeytanderesi (2 hours) or Çakıllıyalı (2 hours).

Day 3: Akbük – Sarnıç – Turnalı Hike
Sail to Akbük. Transfer to Sarnıç for Sarnıç - Turnalı hike (2 hours).

Day 4: Sedir Island – Yediadalar
Sail to Sedir Island. Explore ruins of Cedrae. Sail to Yediadalar.

Day 5: Balıkaşıran – Büyükçatı / Gerence Hike
Hike for Balıkaşıran - Büyükçatı (1 hour) or Gerence (2 hours).

Day 6: Değirmenbükü – Knidos Hike
Sail to Değirmenbükü. Hike for Değirmenbükü - Knidos (2 hours).

Day 7: Mersincik – Merdivenli Hike – Karaada, Bodrum
Sail to Mersincik. Hike for Mersincik - Merdivenli (1 hour). Sail to Karaada, Bodrum.

Day-8: Disembark & Transfer / Bodrum, TURKEY - HOME
Transfer to Bodrum Airport and fly back HOME.


What most people are interested in is who are we? Well, we are a trio with a love for travel, simple as that. Actually, one of us is more concentrated on the technological side. But in our small universe, our core revolves around detail and service. We are curious about our geography and where we live, the wonders that we are surrounded in. Combining our passion, encouraging our curiosity and creativity, we reach out to our sole purpose which is a tailor-made travel for your off time.

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