Private Arrangements

We are passionate traveller designers in the know. And as travellers ourselves we’re focused on detail and service. With the perfect knowhow formula when we combine these, you come out with our one simple, sole purpose – to encourage and indulge your curiosity about the world and to ensure that your time away from home is utterly perfect.

Privacy is crucial for some travellers and exactly at that point we’ll guide you, inspire you and tailor an experience to your precise needs. Why? Because you, as a traveller is searching for that perfect experience. So let us help you find yours…

To start off on a luxury holiday for yourself, a couple or the family we tend to choose the perfect vehicle for you. From spacious luxury transportation to vintage experiences. Whether strolling through cobbled city streets and dining in the candlelight – or even hiking atop mountains and watching the sunrise, there’s always the best option of transportation for every traveller. Size matters, but in this case conform matters more.

With your private needs and tailored itineraries, we will fit in the perfect transportation vehicle that will flow smoothly with the program. Whether you’re solo, couple, family or group we have all the options for you. Our four-wheel friends will always have your back, ready with refreshments, sanitary packages and snacks. To unearth your adventure our secure vehicle buddies will take you all over the schedules program with unexpected stops along the way. Our expertly crafted drivers will encompass everything from making you feel at home to spontaneous drives to surprise stops.

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all and disconnect, and there’s no better way to do it than solo travel. But even then, your best buddy will be your vehicle, your home on wheels, your comfort zone to discover new cultures and unfamiliar lands.

Our guides, our pals on the ground will be matched as the best possible travel companion to reveal, explain what you see, smell, hear and touch.

Our travel programs are so much more than words and slogans. It’s a complex network that also revolves around encounters with amazing people, places and nature with the escort of your esteemed local tellers. And each one of our stories is different. Our highly curated itineraries are combined with the perfect storyteller, history narrator also known as the professional guide.

They bring out your curiosities and play it to the stage, your stage. Who is the storyteller you ask? They are passionate souls engraving to pass on the culture of their soil. Like us, they’re a curious bunch who embrace new culture and experiences, so together we unite to create a series of wellbeing-inspired stories for you.

Leave your phone behind and dive into the words spoken to you. Are you ready to become a listener?


What most people are interested in is who are we? Well, we are a trio with a love for travel, simple as that. Actually, one of us is more concentrated on the technological side. But in our small universe, our core revolves around detail and service. We are curious about our geography and where we live, the wonders that we are surrounded in. Combining our passion, encouraging our curiosity and creativity, we reach out to our sole purpose which is a tailor-made travel for your off time.

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