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From the myriad things you can choose to do online, the newest is to explore the world of virtual travelling. With me, you can experience İstanbul’s most impressive landmarks, minus the crowds, jetlag, carbon-emission, long ques and tiresome travel time, thanks to live-streams, classical videos and 360- degree videos & photos.

If you could travel to Istanbul, without a price tag, amid a global pandemic and witness the most mesmerising sights – wouldn’t you be sold to this idea? Thanks to an increased acceptance and usage of virtual reality (VR) and especially the millennial obsession with vacations, travelling virtually has become the coolest quarantine pastime and it can be a new fraction in the classical travel and tourism industry.

IZE Travel always believes in bending the boundaries and we believe this is the new best thing. Where we come to you while you sit in your home.

A virtual tour is primarily a simulation of an existing location, usually composed of a sequence of videos or still images that offers a 360-degree experience through a headset, applications and other multimedia elements such as sound effects, music, narration, and text to deliver a gratifying and enjoyable experience.

IZE Travel is a pioneer in the virtual travel sector in Turkey. While we all hope that global travel makes a comeback in its most responsible avatar, the reality is that we will see some lean years as flying becomes more expensive. Till such a time that the environment becomes conducive for the numbers to climb back to pre-covid levels - virtual travel will remain popular.

Armchair travellers, students, crowded families, facilities, academies - those who are too old to travel, have medical issues or simply can't travel due to work or budget constraints will adopt virtual travel asthe next best thing. It will also emerge as a precursor for many travellers who may want to experience a bit of the destination in real-time before making the actual journey to Turkey.

One may call this virtual escapism pre-meditated, inauthentic or a poor substitute to what an adventure truly does to a soul. Even then, increased travel restrictions and rising financial constraints warrant this kind of immersive experience where one can derive the virtual pleasures and 360-degree sights of some of Turkey’s most famous locations.

We at IZE Travel are ready; are you!


What most people are interested in is who are we? Well, we are a trio with a love for travel, simple as that. Actually, one of us is more concentrated on the technological side. But in our small universe, our core revolves around detail and service. We are curious about our geography and where we live, the wonders that we are surrounded in. Combining our passion, encouraging our curiosity and creativity, we reach out to our sole purpose which is a tailor-made travel for your off time.

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