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We are humans and we have faces, voices and feelings. We don’t like automated answers, we don’t see the point of booking a travel through an AI. We feel, we hear and we embrace your travel needs. So yes, we’re not like the travel agencies you have been enforced to accept, the faceless ones. We are just passionate travel designers who understand and know what you want, basically we talk your language. We’re are here to take your hand and guide, inspire, trigger, customize design your travel dreams. Do you know why? Because, every aware traveler out there is searching for that perfect moment, that experiential encounter. Let us hold your hand…

It can be the shortest escape you are looking for, an experience you have been planning all your life, a path you wanted to walk through, your first time to this part of the world, an experience that makes you feel like a local. We run our business with our family who loves to explore and put that small grin on your face. We pursue your needs and paint them on our canvas the way you want it to be. So yup, we've got something to keep everyone happy.

Don’t worry. Just because it’s not here, doesn’t mean we can’t do it! Tell us what you are looking for here and we’ll make it happen.

- City Tours (Daily): Land
- Incoming “Domestic” Package Tours
- Tailor-Made Requests
- Luxury Concept Tours
- Theme Concept Tours

When Love is in the air, booking your Honeymoon is a weight… Before the “yes, I do” sentence, you must have travelled together. People get to know each other during travels, as the saying goes. We are here to wow-up your feast after you unite your life’s journey together. Don’t let your friends dictate to you the most popular location, resort or fashionable travel. It’syour special time, yours together, so make it count. Don’t allow brochures to sway you from one idea to the other. Sit down and ask yourselves what you want, what really reflects the real us. Dare to ask and defy enforcement, know what you want and find the correct tailor that will listen and create your journey. Stress free is what you need, so demand for it. Do relax, just pass your dreams on to us and let us curate it for you. Imagine us as a processor where we take your dreams, mash and swirl them up to create the perfect juice for you. We are here to listen and inspire you.

You have come alone and will leave alone from this earth. So why not travel solo for once or maybe forever. To get away from all that’s around, just unplug. Solo travel is the best way to resolve this urge. You need new methods of thinking to feed your soul. Outside your comfort zone you might find the best comfort zone ever. Just need to take that courageous step of being solo. New cultures, ventures, stories and chats will take you to the next level. You might be solo, but you are not alone. We will be in every step you take to make sure that you will be far away from being lonely and awkward. We will place a plate of all your favourites on the table and watch you enjoy them. We will fix the perfect trip for you, as your ghost, expertly curated for solo travellers.

To travel also to leave an impact requires stepping outside the box and that needs courage. To be one step in front of others and experience a climax moment deserves a constitutive approach. If you are looking for something that might click the essence of pleasure and joy in one's soul, then we’ve got a few surprises for you. Think exclusivity of enjoying St. Sophia by night only for you, a charter luxury gulet along the unique coastline of Southern Turkey, strolling through the streets of Ýstanbul like a local, visiting the most impressive modern arts museum of the whole country in Bayburt named Baksý or pampering your tummy with the best cuisine the country offers. From the immersive experience to the zeal boldness, from the particular to the least travelled, be one step ahead, mark your style.

We are far away from the traditional adventure travel companies. We listen, we know and we design according to your adventurous soul. Your travels should be hassle and stress free, so, with that in our minds, feel comfortable to hand us your adventurous needs. With all the variety of activities Turkey places on her menu we will plan together the perfect match for you. The beautiful thing about it is that adventure travel is not the main travel theme of the country and hence you will feel like you are the only ones in most of the locations. We will make sure to deliver your levels of expectation.

IZE is run by families for families who love exploring. We have been well marinated in the travel sector before we had children, so for us it's just naturally organic to continue travelling with our children. Turkey is just the perfect geographic location for all types of children. The naughty, clever, curious and eccentric, just name it and we will choose the right combination from our vast consoles. Number of snacks, parks or toys don’t interest us, we are motivated to create the perfect adventure travel and bonding experience for your family. We’ll try to make sure it’s a trip no-one in the family can forget with some of the most exclusive experiences awaiting your arrival. Horse riding through the fairy chimneys or Turkish Bagel (simit) workshop anyone?

Land Tours Profile "Sample"

Tour Program Category Best of
When to Travel: All Year Round
Ideal Length: Daily / 2 Nights - 3 Days
Price: Starting from USD 2.500,00* or On Request
*Price varies by group size or tour content

Stroll through the streets of an Imperial Epic; a legend which has been the capital of three major empires and many legends.

She is the trend-setting city of the world, founded at the crossroads of two old continents, Asia and Europe, and two important seas, the Mediterranean and Black Sea. There is something for everyone in this city which makes her unique and bespoke. We at IZE Travel offer you the classical experiences but on top, we can offer massive one-of-a-kind extras. With its uninterrupted three-thousand-year life – span, its unique geography, unmatchable history, incredible nature, legendary splendor and beauty, Ýstanbul is a bridge connecting two different worlds; the East and the West. Hence there are immense cultural spots around the city. Embrace Paganism, Judaism, Christianity and Islamism in a hotpot of cultural authentic experiences. She is also the intersection point for the future.

Ýstanbul, her unique character, exquisite depth of culture and magical authenticity. We have devoted our energy and joy to her glamour. To celebrate layers of chronicles, open up her wonders above and beneath her. It’s an experience that resonates on a deeper emotional level, a responsible impact. It’s adventurous, extremely personalized and more attuned to locality. It’s in a way, an intense self-discovery of the city one lives. There is no other city in the world that can offer the depth of what Ýstanbul can offer. No city is richer with every possible factor. It’s a living capital of the world that is going unnoticed by some.

So, we are proud to have been able to connect the people with our city.

First timers have to delve into the cultural legends of the historical Peninsula from St. Sophia to Topkapý Palace with her secluded Harem, to the recently opened Þerefiye Underground Cistern with a finish at the Sultan Ahmet Mosque also known as Blue Mosque. In between of course the oldest shopping mall of the world, the Grand Bazaar, with nearly 4000 shops and labyrinth alleys, will be experienced with her passages and pathways, shops, inns and hidden gems. At night, we will welcome you to truly authentic local spots where you will challenge your taste buds with Turkish cuisine, you deserve to be an insider for a few hours.

As for a good night's sleep we have such a rich hotel menu to offer from traditional to contemporary artistic hotels secluded or just at the heart of the city. The choice is yours to make.

Your second day can be a combo. Cruise down the Bosphorus and discover the iconic waterway that swayes between Asia and Europe, on board an exclusive yacht packed with small private touches for you. Love the water and have time? Continue all the way to the Black Sea and back. And then here starts the fun part, you can disembark in a fisherman's village to drive through the coastline of the Bosphorus up to St. Chora where you will be blown away with the exquisite frescos; or you can challenge yourself with a few of the following unique experiences.

• Alternative Highlights and Sights “Off the Beaten Path”: Museum, Mosques, Ottoman Theological Schools, Pavilions, Mansions and Kiosks
• Underground World
• Eyup and Surrounding Old Architecture
• Art Nouveau
• Crossroads of the Three Monotheist Religions
• Cultural Diversities
• Turkish Bath “Hamam” Experience
• Neigborhoods, Villages and Towns
• Attractions
• Street Foods
• Shopping Paradise
• Adventure
• Wellness
• Photography
• Tour for Less Walkers
• Private Cars & Vans
and more…

A festival of cultures, beliefs, religions, languages and races within the context of an amazing cultural inheritance. It is a world theatre and a world capital. Not only national, but a living universal cultural heritage on display in Ýstanbul. That is why this historical peninsula is a universal museum that must be understood, carefully protected and passed on to future generations.

In his book 'The City of the Future' (1924) the architect Le Corbusier defines Ýstanbul as follows: 'now if we have to compare New York and Ýstanbul, we can safely say that the first one is hell, and the second one is heaven on earth... Ýstanbul is a fruit orchard, our cities are mines...’

Ýstanbul, just like the legendary Phoenix, has successfully resisted the ravages of time and has always rebuilt itself from its ashes. She is waiting here for you…


What most people are interested in is who are we? Well, we are a trio with a love for travel, simple as that. Actually, one of us is more concentrated on the technological side. But in our small universe, our core revolves around detail and service. We are curious about our geography and where we live, the wonders that we are surrounded in. Combining our passion, encouraging our curiosity and creativity, we reach out to our sole purpose which is a tailor-made travel for your off time.

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